Top 10 Things to  do in Hawaii (with kids)


Hawaii has always been a popular destination for mainland Americans. Who can say no to a tropical getaway?! Hawaii is often thought of as a romantic holiday, but it is also a fantastic place to take kids.


Eat Shave Ice

Because it’s one of my favorite tropical treats, I’m listing eating shave ice at the top of my list! It's delicious, colorful and refreshing! 


Learn to String a Lei

Stringing a lei is such an iconic part of Hawaiian culture. Check with your hotel/resort to see if they offer a lei making activity.


Relax on the Beach

As soon as you land in Hawaii, your kids will probably start begging to go to the beach. That’s great! Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world!


Visit a Palace

Did you know Hawaii is the only state with a royal palace? Iolani Palace on Oahu is full of fascinating history and culture. I recommend taking a guided tour so that your family can ask questions along the way.


See a Volcano

Head to Hawaii Volanoes National Park to see 2 of Hawaii’s most famous volcanoes: Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. Families can participate in the ranger program, experience a cultural demonstration, or choose to hike.


Watch a Hula Show

You’ll definitely want to see hula dancing in Hawaii! My favorite way to do that is by attending a luau. There are usually great hands-on activities for the kids, an array of Hawaiian/Pan-Asian food, and lots of dancing.


Try Malasadas

Another popular Hawaiian treat are malasadas. They are Portuguese donuts that kind of look like giant donut holes.


Take a Surfing Lesson

When you visit Hawaii with kids, your children might beg to take surfing lessons. Do it! Younger kids should get their own instructor, for safety.


Go Shopping

There are so many cool places to shop in Hawaii. On Kauai, for example, I love heading to Warehouse 3540 to check out all the boutiques and food trucks. 


Take a Boat Ride

There are tons of different boat rides in Hawaii. From sunset cruises, to snorkel trips, to whale watching excursions, there something for all family members. You will find boat rides on every Hawaii island

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