Four Fabulously Festive Flowerpots

I love poinsettias during the holidays. The brilliant pop of red is classic Christmas to me and while I’m not overly known for keeping plants alive, I do try my best. I recently came across some smallish and inexpensive poinsettias and couldn’t pass them up. There were already four flowerpots in my crafting stash and I decided my new flowers needed new festive homes. With some Mod Podge and other bits and pieces, I spent a lovely afternoon crafting these four fabulously festive flowerpots.

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These particular pots are easy to make your own. I completely used what I had on hand and went four four completely different looks.


  • Mod Podge (it can be any kind–this is just what I had)
  • white yarn
  • assorted Christmas color yarns
  • small tinsel (similar)
  • red felt
  • black buttons
  • assorted Christmas fabrics
  • Christmas napkins
  • white glitter
  • gold paint
  • white paint
  • paint brushes
  • scissors


For all four pots, I painted the ridge in gold paint. I wanted something that connected the four pots even with their different looks. The Folk Art Treasure Gold is my go-to for gold paint–it’s brilliant and shiny and an absolutely perfect pop of gold when you want it.

I’m going to call this first flowerpot The Snowman (for obvious reasons). It is basically the same tutorial as my mason jar snowman, just bigger. Start by painting Mod Podge on the non-gold outside of the pot. I used outdoor Mod Podge because that’s what I had on hand, but it isn’t necessary if your pots are going to live inside. Once the Mod Podge is on, start wrapping the pot in the white yarn until you have full coverage.

Glue 2-3 black buttons onto your pot.

Cut out strips of red felt for the scarf. My felt wasn’t long enough to go the whole way around, so I made the join at the back. Create a fringe at the hanging end. Again using the Mod Podge, glue the scarf to the pot. The first festive flowerpot is finished!

Since we’re wrapping yarn, let’s move on to The Ugly Christmas Sweater. Again, paint the non-gold part of the flowerpot in the Mod Podge. Using the assorted Christmas yarns, wrap stripes. They don’t need to be in any particular order or width.

When the pot is covered in yarn, and a few strips of the tinsel at color changes. It’s the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater festive flowerpot!

This next pot is a Quilted Patchwork Flowerpot. Yet again, paint the non-gold part of the pot in Mod Podge. I used this pack of Christmas fabric charms, but you can obviously use anything. Place your first piece of fabric on the pot and then paint over it in Mod Podge. Keep going until the entire pot is covered. Try to have it look as patchwork-like as possible. Because I had a bit of space that needed filling toward the top, I added a couple rounds of baker’s twine.

The final flowerpot is a classic Festive Napkin Flowerpot. For this one, I painted the pot white to start. Because napkins are thin, I didn’t want the terracotta color to show through.

I chose this simple Christmas napkin (I love Christmas motifs with houses!). You only want to use the napkin layer that has the design on it when you decoupage with them. Carefully pull any extra layers away.

Paint the pot in Mod Podge and carefully place the napkin around it. You can keep the napkin as whole as possible or do a rip and place technique. I kept it mostly whole, but deliberately didn’t completely smooth it out because I wanted some texture. Carefully paint a top layer of Mod Podge over the napkin. I sprinkled some “snowy” glitter on top as well. I also added a strip of tinsel across the top to add to the sparkle.

These four fabulously festive flowerpots were a lot of fun to make and I could do them together since they used the same supplies. It took me less than an afternoon to finish them. Also, I love that (minus the flowers themselves) I was able to use supplies I already had.

For more poinsettia craftiness, try this no-sew poinsettia wreath.

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