Resin Fishbowl Necklace

I’m still new to resin crafting but I’m absolutely loving playing around with it. When I saw the aquarium flatbacks in the latest BGM Box, I knew I wanted to make something for my daughter–she’s aquatic crazy. Using resin to create a bit of a fishbowl look was an obvious choice to me. I love how this resin fishbowl necklace turned out. It’s a great beginner project for resin crafting and is super cute in its own right. And yes, I know it doesn’t look exactly like a fishbowl, but I still love it!

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Mix resin and glitter together in the mixing cup.

Carefully pour a layer of resin into the mold. You don’t want it too thick because there will be another layer on top. I never get the amount right on the first try so I had to mix a bit more.

Place the fish flatback in the center (don’t push it down). Cure the resin under the UV light for 120 seconds.

Place the sequins around the fish.

Once you have the sequins the way you want them, carefully pour clear resin on top. I started directly on the fish and let it run down from there. I deliberately wanted a bit of a bubbled look. Place the mold back under the UV light for another 120 seconds. I always turn the mold over and run the light again, just to make sure both sides are completely solid.

Pop the pendants out of the mold and get your jewelry pieces.

Place a jump ring in the opening and loop through your necklace chain.

This fun resin fishbowl necklace sparkles in the sun and makes a great gift for the fish lovers in your life (or yourself–I don’t judge!).

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