American Flag Inspired Pom Pom Wreath

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that I love pom pom wreaths. I have a growing collection for all times of the year, but I realized I didn’t have one for summer. Summer to me is all about the red, white, and blue, so making an American flag inspired pom pom wreath was a no-brainer. I say inspired because it’s obviously not exact and I’ve been called out in the past for not using the exact right colors or placement or whatever in my patriotic projects. Anyway, this is a fun wreath for inside or on an outdoor sheltered door and you should totally make it.

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  • red yarn
  • white yarn
  • blue yarn
  • square wreath form (I used a 14″ form but you can make it bigger)
  • pom pom maker (I always use Clover brand and this one is the 3.375″)
  • scissors

I used the yarns pictured because they’re what I had on hand in the right colors. You can obviously use different brands! I’ll say that I didn’t enjoy making pom poms with the Red Heart Super Saver. It was super messy (much messier than I expected) and I was cleaning up a lot of blue yarn dust. I use Big Twist for a lot of pom pom making (and general crafting) and am always happy with it.


Make the pom poms! Over and over and over. I always recommend a good audiobook or favorite movie to have on while you’re making these. It’s easier for me to make a few and then start assembling as I go so that I don’t end up with a lot of extra pom poms.

You might notice that there are more stripes in the making pictures than in the final. I started with more and liked how the wreath looked while it was laying flat, but it was totally squished when I hung it up. Pom poms aren’t an exact craft for me–sometimes a project turns out just how I want on the first try, but this one needed some work. I liked it much better after removing two rows of pom poms.

Tie the pom poms together on the back of the frame and trim off excess yarn tails.

This American flag inspired pom pom wreath took me longer to make than most of my wreaths. I think it was because I wanted cleaner stripes (and more of them) than I was able to get easily. Still, I’m happy with the end result and it’s a great pop of patriotic color on our door.

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