Easy Glitter Resin Leaf Earrings

I’m new to crafting with resin but I’m absolutely hooked. I won an absolutely amazing gift set from Alumilite when I recently attended Creativation–they were beyond generous and gave me everything I could possibly need to get started (and then some!). I’ve made a few things so far (some things definitely better than others) but when one of my daughters requested a pair of earrings for a special even at school, I knew I had just the thing. These easy glitter resin leaf earrings are a perfect project for beginners at resin crafting (like me!) and show just how quick it can be to make a super fun accessory.

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Mix some resin and the two glitters together in a silicone cup. I used more of the dark green than light green.

Carefully pour the resin mixture into the molds. Use the stir stick to even out the resin, making sure all the nooks and crannies are full. The pointed end can also be used to pop any bubbles that may have formed.

Set the UV resin light to 120 seconds once it is placed over the mold. When that round of light is finished, flip the mold over and do the same again.

When the second round of light is finished, carefully remove the resin earrings from the mold. I say carefully, but I’ve never had (knock on wood) a problem popping these out.

I love how glittery the earrings are! Attach the jump ring and earring backs (use your favorite type–mine is a simple fish hook).

I’m kinda addicted to resin crafting now and you’re going to see a whole lot more of it around here. These easy glitter resin leaf earrings are just the start–I have so many ideas! I love that I was able to make these fun earrings for my daughter in around ten minutes.

And just a side note–the pictures from this tutorial are screenshots from a video. I’m trying my hand at making videos because that’s a thing I need to learn, too, but this one didn’t quite turn out to my liking. Good thing the earrings did!



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