Peppermint Pom Pom Candle Holders

It’s a rare occasion when I pass up sparkly yarn (especially when it’s on sale) and this Twinkle yarn fell into my cart as if it knew we were destined to be together. At some point I had bought small wire wreath forms and I couldn’t tell you what my original intention was for them, but using them as the base for my peppermint pom pom candle holders was the perfect outcome. With red and white sparkly yarns and an afternoon of Christmas movies, these fun candle holders will brighten up your Christmas decor.

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I made three candle holders that took fourteen pom poms of each color per holder. This used one skein of the red yarn and two and a bit skeins of the white. Keep in mind that people make pom poms differently, so this project may take a different amount for you.


Make the pom poms. I made all of the pom poms first (I did end up with a handful left over). I don’t want to tell you an exact amount to make because it will vary depending on your tension and fluffiness. I made pom poms out of the entire skein of red (and had three pom poms left over), two skeins of the white, and then had to make eight pom poms out of the third skein. It’s not scientific at all but will hopefully give you an idea of how much yarn you’ll need.

Tie the pom poms to the wreath form. I did rows of two, alternating red and white. Tie them so that the tails are underneath.

My wreath form only has two rows, but many have three. The same two pom poms should still work, but you can add a third if you feel your form needs it. The point is to make stripes.

When the wreath is full, flip it over and tie off all of the tails. When the pom poms are secure, trim the tails.

Flip the wreath over and fluff and trim the pom poms as needed.

Insert your LED candles from underneath, so that the pom poms move upwards instead of getting squished.

These peppermint pom pom candle holders are a bright and fun Christmas craft. You can, of course, use them as actual wreaths, too. Enjoy one or many–it’s a peppermint paradise!!

For more festive pom pom fun, try this eggnog jingle bell pom pom wreath!

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