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Black Widow Fascinator

I’ve always loved my murder mysteries and one of my favorite character-types is the black widow. I’m fascinated by the mystique and absolute evilness of her. If you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume, grab a black dress from your closet, make my Black Widow Fascinator, and you’re ready to go.

Black Widow Fascinator

For this project, you will need:

  • two pieces of black felt
  • interfacing
  • headband
  • black tulle
  • needle
  • scissors
  • thread
  • Cricut Maker (I first made this with the original Cricut Explore)
  • Black Widow Fascinator design

Cut out your spiderweb and spider. When I first made this, I had to use iron on interfacing because it was the original Explore. With the Maker, that isn’t necessary but it does show that this is able to be made with the Explore Air 2. (I’ll update these pictures soon!). Ultimately, you just want the spiderweb to be stiff enough that it doesn’t flop around.

Black Widow Fascinator

spider shape

spiderweb shape

Get your needle and thread. Place the spider where you want it on the web and make a few stitches to connect them.

stitch your shapes

stitch your shapes

Get your tulle and cut it into three roughly five inch pieces. Place the three pieces with roughly an inch overlap. (I did it this way because my spool of tulle was narrow. If you have a wider tulle, go ahead and use one piece.)



Pinch the top of the tulle together and stitch it.


Stitch the tulle onto the head of the spider.

attach the tulle to the spider

Take your headband and slip it through the spiderweb. You shouldn’t need to attach it in any other way.

add the headband

You are all set to seek out your prey as the Black Widow.

Black Widow Fascinator

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