Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe
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Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe

Christmas and Doctor Who are forever joined in my mind. Maybe it’s because I first discovered The Doctor over a Christmas holiday years ago. Maybe it’s the Christmas specials that I look forward to every year. Maybe it’s just me being a super fan of both the holiday and the show! Regardless of the reason,  my Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world and I’m excited to share it with you!

Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe

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It all started with a snow globe. I came across these snow globes at Michael’s and knew one would come in handy. My biggest regret is only buying the one, because they’ve been sold out for my last few attempts to get more.


Design Space had perfect designs for me to use and I have the saved project just for you! If you’re using the same snow globe, my Design Space canvas is already sized to fit. If you’re using a different snow globe, you will need to measure the opening and height to make sure your pieces will fit.

TARDIS Snow Globe

Cut out the main pieces of the TARDIS, angel, and wings in the wood. You will need the deep cut blade and to use the custom wood cut option.

Cut out your vinyl next. Do a solid piece of black vinyl to cover both sides of the wood. You will need to reverse the image for the back side. Keep layering your colors until you’re finished with the piece. I won’t lie–it’s going to take a little time to weed this one!

Cut out the adhesive foil to go on the angel. I used a solid piece for the back and the detailed pieces for the front.

Make a small wreath with the pipe cleaner by wrapping it around itself in a circle.

Glue the wreath onto the front of the TARDIS. Glue the angel and wings together.

Add “berries” to the wreath with the sparkly red glue.

Gather the pieces together. We’re headed into the final stretch!

Paint the base piece of the snow globe with the Snow-Tex. Make sure you don’t go over the sides–this piece goes into the snow globe. 

Place the TARDIS and Weeping Angel into the snow, again making sure that they will fit into the snow globe. Wait for the snow to dry.

Add some snow flakes to the globe.

If you want, you can add a fun tag to the snow globe by stringing the garland through it.

When the snow is completely (and I mean completely–you can’t fudge this one!) dry, it can go inside the snow globe. Take the piece with the TARDIS and put it into the globe upside down so that the snow flakes don’t fall out.

Push the piece with the TARDIS in tightly and screw on the lid. Tie the tinsel around the bottom (with the tag if you’ve chosen to use it).

GUYS. My Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe makes me all kinds of happy. I’ve been moving it from room to room with me.

Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe

The wreath. On the TARDIS. With the Weeping Angel peeking from behind. In a snow globe…Doctor Who Christmas decor perfection!!

Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe

Christmas TARDIS Weeping Angel Snow Globe



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