Drop Shadow Initials Canvas Artwork

Drop Shadow Initials Canvas Artwork

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Scott and I don’t have a lot of wedding/couple related things around the house. We never put up any pictures from our weddings (we had two!) and at this point, I doubt it will happen. I still wanted something a little bit sappy on our walls and am always drawn to brights, bolds, and jewel tones in our decorating. Using some traditional jewel tone colors from the DecoArt Multi-Surface line, I created a fun Drop Shadow Initials Canvas Artwork that pops.

Drop Shadow Initials Canvas Artwork

To make this fun artwork, you will need:


The first thing I did was paint the canvas in Night Sky. I used a very light amount.

Night Sky

paint the canvas

While the canvas was drying, I painted the tops of the initials in Deep Turquoise, the ampersand in Eggplant, and the sides in Red Barn.

paint the initials

Once the canvas and letters were dry, I placed the letters on the canvas and traced them with a pencil. I then carried the edges of the letters to the bottom right using a ruler.

trace the letters

trace the letters

follow the angles through

To make the drop shadows, I painted a thicker coat of Night Sky within the lines. It doesn’t look like much here, but just wait!

paint the drop shadows

Once everything was dry, it was time to attach the letters where they had been traced. The letters are light, so just a bit of glue did the job.

Initials Canvas Artwork

How striking does that look?! My favorite part, though, is looking at it from the side and seeing that pop.

Initials Canvas Artwork

I love the idea of creating this in a friend’s wedding colors. It would be great for a bridal shower or as part of a wedding display. And when the event is over, it makes fantastic artwork for the couple’s home! I’m pretty tickled with how this Drop Shadow Initials Canvas Artwork turned out!

Initials Canvas Artwork

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