Fabulous Fluffy Felt Forest (Hoop Art)

Fabulous Fluffy Felt Forest (Hoop Art)

I’m really excited to be joining in with Crafting in the Rain‘s Craft Month A-Z. I love the idea of crafting something that has to do with a letter. Some letters would be stretches for me, but when I saw that the letter F was available, you’d better believe that I jumped at it! You know how much I love working with felt, but I also had some pink cotton balls left over from my Truffula Trees that I’ve been anxious to use. My Fabulous Fluffy Felt Forest was born!

Fabulous Fluffy Felt Forest (Hoop Art)

When you’re finished checking out my hoop art, please take a look at all of the awesome that the beginning of the alphabet has to offer!

B is for Simple Spring Banner by The Happy Scraps
C is for Can Windsock for St. Patrick’s Day  by Sowdering About
D is for Debonair Dog Coasters by Blue i Style
E is for Arrow Embroidery Hoop by Occasionally Crafty
For my Fluffy Felt Forest Hoop Art, you will need:
  • white felt
  • brown felt
  • green felt
  • brown embroidery floss
  • green embroidery floss
  • pink embroidery floss
  • hoop
  • pink cotton balls (follow my tutorial)
Place the white felt inside the hoop. This will be your base.
white felt
Take the green felt and cut “grass.” I just cut different sized spikes into it so that it reached roughly 1/4 of the way up the hoop.
cut the grass
Cut four tree trunks out of the brown felt. I cut them in slightly different shapes and sizes, but big enough altogether to fill the hoop.
tree trunks
Start stitching the tree trunks with the brown thread. I put some in front of the grass and some behind. When they were stitched, I loosened the hoop and secured the bottom of the grass inside it. I then trimmed the excess felt all the way around.
stitch the trees
To make the “fluffy” part of my felt forest, I fluffed up the pink cotton balls and stitched them onto the tops of the trees with the pink thread. I pulled the cotton balls and only needed a couple of stitches in the middle to secure them.
stitch the fluff
I’m pretty tickled with my Fluffy Felt Forest. It’s a pretty fabulous “F” craft, don’t you think?!
Fabulous Fluffy Felt Forest Hoop Art


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