Pumpkin Pocket Hoop
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Pumpkin Pocket Hoop

I think of this fun little Pumpkin Pocket Hoop as a bonus project. When I was cutting out the pieces for my Pumpkin Boo Banner, I had a perfect smile left over. It was the perfect size for a hoop and I had enough felt scraps, so it made sense to just keep going with the Halloween pumpkin fun!

Pumpkin Pocket Hoop

Look at how perfect that smile is!

The only extra supply you need for this project is the hoop and orange paint.

Place the smile against the top edge of a piece of orange felt and trim out the teeth. Stitch up the edges of the smile in your favorite stitch.

Place the smile on top of the bigger piece of felt and insert both pieces into the hoop. This will create the pocket.

Stitch up the eyes and trim the excess felt.

Not only is the Pumpkin Pocket Hoop super cute, but it can be handy, too! I’ve had mine next to our door and have kept bus tickets inside.

Pumpkin Pocket Hoop

The girls prefer it when there’s a treat, though. 😉

Pumpkin Pocket Hoop

Pumpkin Pocket Hoop

I love seeing the Pumpkin Boo Banner and Pumpkin Pocket Hoop grinning together!

Pumpkin Boo Banner and Pumpkin Pocket Hoop

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