Dressing Table Happiness

I’ve always dreamed of having a little dressing table, probably because of my obsession with all things British. You know, that area where I would sit and brush my hair one hundred times each night (if I’d ever stop cutting my hair) and have twenty tiny bottles of oils (if my kids wouldn’t break them).

dressing area

We have a space in our bathroom that was the perfect size for the MALM dressing table from IKEA. This space is right next to a window, and I really wanted to brighten up the room further with a clean, white table. This is an area that I use every morning and I wanted it to help me start the day off right. I’m all about the happy in this house.

dressing table

The chandelier ribbon board and both necklace holders came from World Market.  I bought them before I knew what I was going to do with them because I knew that they would be perfect for something. I have two of my favorite prints hanging here so that I start my day off right. The print on the left is from Yellow Heart Art for Hurricane Sandy relief the one on the right is Pen + Paint. The striped tray and scalloped bowl are by Aedriel Originals. The sculpture on the wall is from a craft show I went to in New Zealand.

hair clip holder

I love that I can go to my table and be surrounded by inspiration, color, and handmade. Most of my necklaces and hair pretties have been collected from favorite makers. I stick little inspirational cards wherever they fit. I am very protective of my happy little dressing table. Even if the rest of the bathroom is a disaster, this area stays clean and clear. My space is, in a word, happy.

dressing table


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