10 Minute Chain Necklace

10 Minute Chain Necklace

You know how sometimes you put an outfit on but feel like it’s missing something? You search through your stash of jewelry, but nothing is quite right. I have a super fast 10 Minute Chain Necklace for just such an occasion! It’s also a fun piece to make with your kids because it’s so easy and would make a great gift.

10 Minute Chain Necklace

The beauty of this necklace is that you can totally customize it however you want. The idea is to have different chains and colors, so you can play around with sizes and looks. I’m sharing what I used for my necklace, but you basically just need three different types of chain, one being a color if you want this look. For my particular necklace, I used:

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  • round nose pliers (I got my tools from Blitsy. They often have jewelry tools in their sales.)
  • side cutters
  • chain lengths
  • curb chain (mine is mint/gold)
  • basic chain (similar)


Start by taking your biggest sized chain and cut it down to the length you want. I use the highly exact method of draping it around my neck until I get the right length and then clipping it.

measure chain

Take your second chain (in my case it was the chain lengths) and attach one to each side. If you’re using another actual length of chain, you can use the same method of draping it until you get the length you want and then clipping it. For the chain lengths, insert the pliers into the end loop and gently pull it apart enough to go through the first chain. Gently close the loop once it’s through.

insert pliers and gently pull apart

added chain lengths

Cut four lengths of your colored chain in different sizes. My longest length is about 6″, and I cut the rest about an inch shorter each time.

cut the colored chain in different lengths

Using your pliers, open the bottom loop on each side of your necklace. Thread each length of colored chain through the open loop and then close. Repeat the process on the other side, keeping the lengths of colored chain in the same order.

attach the colored chains

All finished!

10 Minute Chain Necklace

I told you it was fast! I love how quick and versatile this 10 Minute Chain Necklace is. I’m already imagining all the different variations I can make. For now, though, I’m going to slip this on and start my day!

10 Minute Chain Necklace

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  1. This is such a cute project! I have never made jewelry before, but you make it look and sound so easy!Thanks for sharing!

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