DIY Beaded Tassel Charm

I love making and using tassels in my crafts and decorating–they’re so easy to make and add a fun pop to baskets, wall hangings, wreaths, and so much more. Tassels themselves can be decorated, too. Adding beads and charms can give a tassel a whole new look. This easy DIY beaded tassel charm is a great way to upgrade your tassel crafting.

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Select a yarn (I used one color for these but you can obviously use more) and prepare a piece of cardstock paper or cardboard sheet to make the tassel. The size of the cardstock paper should be prepared according to the required size (length) of the tassel. Start to wrap the yarn around the cardstock piece.

Wrap the yarn around the cardstock piece as many times as you want to reach the thickness of the tassel. I wrapped the yarn around the paper about 18 times. Once you are done wrapping the yarn, cut out a piece of yarn (3 times the length of the tassel) and insert it through the wrapped yarn from any one end (along the edge of the paper).

Use the loose yarn strand to tie a tight knot and take out the wrapped yarn from the paper.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the closed end of the wrapped yarn (opposite to the tied end).

Thread the tapestry needle with the open end of the tied yarn strand and thread your beads through it (the beads need a wide enough opening to fit). Tapestry needles have a large eye and blunt tip.

Thread the remaining end of the yarn through the beads but make sure to keep a small loop adjacent to the end bead.

Align the open end with the rest of the tassel yarn and keep the loop secured. Cut out a small piece of yarn strand and wrap it around the bottom end of the loop, adjacent to the end bead.

Tie 2 or 3 tight knots with the current strand to secure the loop as well as the beads.

Attach tapestry needle to the loose end of the strand.

Thread the strand through the beads and add the strand with the tassel yarn.

Use another piece of strand to wrap the tassel’s top end (below the bead) quite a few times. Tie two tight knots with the two open ends of the strand when you’re done wrapping it.

Use scissors to trim the bottom (open) side of the tassel to give it a nice and even edge. Your tassel is finished and you can use it as a charm by attaching it to any object through its loop.

This DIY Beaded Tassel Charm is fun to make and you get into a rhythm if you’re making more than one. They’re fun for so many different projects and seasonal crafting–the sky’s the limit!

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