Give Thanks Framed Art

Give Thanks Framed Art

I love the idea of seasonal artwork and have started creating my own. I’ve never really decorated for Thanksgiving specifically and decided it was time to change that. I wanted something simple and came up with this Give Thanks Framed Art.

Give Thanks Framed Art

I used a frame I picked up on sale, Wrap It Up Statement Floral, Stencil-Masks in Holiday Shapes and Dear Ruby Alpha, Mod Podge, green paint, and a bit of glitter.


I pulled out the paper insert from the frame and used that as my canvas. I covered it in Mod Podge, put a piece of Statement Floral on top, and then put on a top coat of Mod Podge.

Mod Podge

When it was dry, I spelled out Give Thanks and put that awesome deer on.


I then covered it in two coats of the green paint, sprinkling a bit of glitter on at the end before it was dry. I then removed the stencil-masks.


remove stencil-mask

My Give Thanks Framed Art is such a pretty and easy way to add to Thanksgiving. Although, I must admit, I like it so much that it may stay up all year!

Give Thanks Framed Art

Give Thanks Framed Art

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