Dining Room Update and How to Remove Wallpaper

Once we made the decision to take down the painted wallpaper in the dining room, we got to work. This is what we started with:

bad painted wallpaper

bad painted wallpaper

It’s not pretty. We decided to us this chance to make the room everything we wanted, even if it takes longer. We decided on this as our new baseboard. It’s wider and we feel it’s a better fit for the room.

new baseboardThe first thing we did was remove the existing baseboard and chair rail. It’s pretty simple if you have the right tools. This moulding puller is fantastic for prying the board and pulling out nails.

removing baseboard

Once it was all off, it was time to start on the wallpaper.

no more trim

To remove the wallpaper, we started by scoring it all over using Piranha’s scoring tool. Using a circular motion, go all over the wallpaper.

scoring tool

scoring tool

Once your wallpaper is scored, spray it with wallpaper remover. We used this gel spray from Piranha, per our local Home Depot‘s recommendation. Spray one section at a time so that it doesn’t dry before you get to it. You’ll want to make sure it’s saturated. We took a sponge to rub the spray so that we were sure that we didn’t miss any bits of wallpaper.

Let the spray soak in for a few minutes, and then use your scraper to start peeling the wallpaper away from the wall. It should come off easily. If it doesn’t, apply more spray and let it sit a little bit longer.

removing wallpaper

It was so nice to see it come off!

removing wallpaper

wallpaper off

Next up, we start painting!

You can get caught up on our dining room makeover here, here, and here.

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