Small Bathroom Update

Our poor small bathroom went on pause while we worked on other projects around the house. We finally finished a few of the in-progress pieces in there.

Small Bathroom Re-do

The wallpaper is hung. It may be my current favorite thing in the whole house.

Small Bathroom Re-Do

I painted the cabinet. I decided to go dark because the wallpaper is so bright. I didn’t want the room to be overbearing or cartoony. I think it balances well. I used DecoArt’s Chalky Finish Paint in Relic and Creme Wax in Clear.

Small Bathroom Re-Do

We replaced the medicine cabinet. It took us a bit to find one that fit the hole (there is a fixed line behind the cabinet, which made it difficult) and our budget, but I’m happy with the simple look of this one. I also painted the mirror to match the cabinet. I started out with blue, but decided to go dark for the same balance reason as the cabinet.

If you remember, the bathroom started out hugely outdated. We are by no means finished, but we’re at a place where we can pause. We need to replace the shower doors (they’re literally just hanging there and aren’t solid at all). The girls can’t work this faucet very well, so I’d like to replace that as soon as we can. The counter and toilet are functional, but updating both is on my wish list. I’m still on the lookout for funky handles for the cabinet.

Slowly but surely!

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