Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt
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Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt

Madeline was recently invited to a Fairy and Gnome party. It was a super cute idea and she had to take a quiz beforehand to know which one she should dress up as. of course she got a fairy, but crazily enough in this house of girls, we didn’t have a single fairy costume piece! After a bit of quick thinking, I turned to my Cricut and made this super quick Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt that was great for the party and she can wear to school, too.

Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt

I used:


We did a quick search through Design Space together and chose Heart Wings #M3E09E.

hear and wings design

Madeline looked through my stash of vinyl and chose the two colors she wanted. She went with Glitter Grass and Glitter Jade. I cut them out, ironed them on, and that was that!

cut and iron on

iron on second layer

Madeline’s super easy Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt gave her what she needed for the party and I love that she was able to choose the design and colors. I especially love that it’s something that she can wear to school, too! It took just a few minutes to make and has been a regular staple in her wardrobe ever since!

Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt

Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt

Vinyl Fairy Wings Shirt

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